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Shouldn’t your working environment be fit for purpose? If you’re going to be working from home a lot more, it makes sense to create a space that’s suitable for your needs. With Shared Ownership properties from Home Reach, you have the freedom to decorate your home as you see fit.

As things stand with the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have had to get used to an entirely new way of working. With flexible remote working looking likely to continue post-pandemic, it’s up to us all individually to decide how this looks. Is it working from our kitchens, bedrooms or sofas, or can we set ourselves up with a more efficient and stimulating bespoke home office?

In this article we’ll explore our best working from home tips, so you can create an ideal home office.

The benefits of a home office

With a home office, you’ll enjoy a host of benefits. A key advantage of working from a home office is the ability to remain organised. With the addition of a desk and shelving, you’ll have space for your computer and accessories, plus adequate space to store your paperwork.

A home office will also allow you to keep a printer and other accessories like a shredder, away from your leisure spaces. This is a big benefit, as a noisy printer or shredder could easily disturb your family, whether it’s your kids staying busy, keeping up their education with home schooling, or your partner working alongside you.

A personal home office also provides a space to focus free from distractions. Whether during lockdowns, or during remote working, many of us have had the awkward moment of a video call with colleagues (or god forbid, clients!), only to be disrupted by a child or family pet looking for attention. With a home office, you can build yourself a sanctuary for prolonged deep focus.

The essentials of a home office which works for you

With a dedicated space to work from, you can plan your set-up from the ground up. There’s no need to compromise on the functions of a shared space. This means you can create your ideal desk calibration. There’s no need to email HR about a comfier chair when you work from home.

So, an ergonomic chair can be the difference between a productive day, or hours of back pain. Investing in the right chair will have you working in comfort all day.

You might also consider buying a desktop computer to boost your computing power. Or, alternatively you could buy a few screens to link up to your laptop. This way, you’ll have the ability to multitask, with the flexibility and portability of a laptop, so you can have a change of environment when you need a bit of inspiration during an afternoon slump.

Interior design options for a home office

It’s important to create a comfortable environment for your home office, after all you’ll be spending more than half your waking hours in your office at work. Considerations for a comfortable working environment are made by your employer, but when working from home, the power is in your hands to create an environment that will enable you to work at your best.

Think about lighting

When creating a home office, you’ll want lighting solutions to provide adequate light around the clock and across the seasons. This means maximising the available light in the winter. You can ensure this by being careful not to block the path of natural light into your space. So, remove any bulky items from near your window, and if you have blinds installed open them to their fullest degree, or roll them up.

Talking of blinds, they can come in extremely handy in the summer, when the light is at its brightest. You don’t want reflected glare obscuring your screen during a video call, or when you need to concentrate on a dense spreadsheet.

Lamps can be beneficial during the winter, as they’ll not only provide the light you need to work, but they’ll set an ambiance of cosiness conducive to a productive working day.

Take control of your work – enjoy your home office!

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