Everything you need to know about Shared ownership from Home Reach

How does resales and staircasing work?

How does resales and staircasing work?


If in the future you would like to sell your Home Reach property, you will first need to contact Heylo, your landlord. The primary purpose of Home Reach is to help as many people as possible into affordable home ownership, therefore Heylo will initially need the opportunity to find a new buyer on your behalf. If a buyer cannot be found within a set period of time, this timeframe will be set out in your lease, you will then be able to market your property at 100% on the open market.

For more information please visit https://heylohousing.com/resales


You can increase your share in your property at any time after you complete your initial purchase. This is known as ‘staircasing’. In most cases you staircase all the way to 100% ownership, then you will no longer need to pay rent.

You can staircase at any time of your choosing and staircase as many times as you want. Please refer to your lease for minimum staircasing increments.

There can be restrictions on staircasing so it's important to check your lease, which will mention whether you are entitled to purchase 100%, or if the property has a restricted maximum share.

You can find out more about staircasing on your Home Reach property at https://heylohousing.com/staircasing