From army bases to a base of his own

Phil Dragon - Customer story

Customer stories · Wed Nov 15 2023 ·

After joining the army at 16 from his family home in Bakewell, Phil Dragon, 36, spent many years being posted around the UK and Europe, serving for an impressive 16 years before being medically discharged in 2019.

Moving to Telford to live with his partner at the time, Phil ended up liking the town so much he decided to stay after the relationship broke down.

Phil says; “I hadn’t heard of the area before, but I settled in quickly, got a good job and enjoyed living here. I temporarily moved into a house share with three other people to save as much cash as possible – I basically chose the most affordable place I could as I knew I wouldn’t be there long and it was just a case of save, save, save!

“I started looking for my own place just before Christmas last year. I had looked at renting by myself, but then when I read about Shared Ownership I thought it seemed like the better option by far.”

Having always wanted to live in a new build house due to energy efficiency credentials, Phil started scouring the property portals – and it didn’t take long to find something he liked.

“The Quarters in Redhill was the first development I came across. I saw the pictures, it was a 10 minute commute to work a completely new area. It felt like a fresh start.

I completed all the affordability criteria and was actually able to buy a higher percentage than I’d thought - I’d saved a good deposit while house sharing!”

Phil bought a 60% share of a two- bedroom terraced house at The Quarters in Redhill, putting down a deposit of £13,500. Built by Linden, the homes were available to buy through Shared Ownership with Home Reach – where buyers can purchase a percentage share on the home, and pay rent on the unowned share, often making buying a property more affordable.

Set on the edge of Telford, The Quarters offers a semi-rural setting for residents, with quick connections into the nearby town and surrounding countryside.

Talking about the buying process, Phil found the Home Reach team easy to communicate with and incredibly helpful throughout what can sometimes be a stressful time.

“I had a fantastic Sales Associate at Home Reach called Tim who was super informative and helpful, it made such a difference. He called me every week and talked me through the process from start to finish.”

Phil moved into his new home in June, with his new partner visiting often.

After being in the house share, it feels great to have so many rooms! We actually got a kitten who completely rules the house. It feels like a home – I’m even working on the garden which is brand new project for me. The neighbours are sound too. It’s a place to live.”

Speaking about buying through Shared Ownership with Home Reach, Phil concludes he couldn’t have bought a home outright.

“If I had to get a mortgage on the full value of the house I just wouldn’t have been able to afford it. Shared Ownership has got me a home I wouldn’t have been able to have otherwise.”

“I would absolutely recommend both Shared Ownership and Home Reach to anybody. Everything they did was perfect. I spent years on bases - now I have my very own!”