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Do you offer anything for NHS staff members?

Yes, for selected developments, NHS staff members are offered £500 towards your legal fees. This will be deducted from your completion statement. Please note, this will need to be clearly stated on the reservation form and you must have a valid NHS ID that is presented at the time of reserving.

Do you offer any incentive for those serving in the Armed Forces?

We offer £500 towards legal fees for those currently serving in the Armed Forces. To redeem this offer, simply send a copy of your ID along with the reservation form. Please note, there is no cash alternative and this will be deducted from your completion statement.

Can I decide the share I would like to buy?

The Homes England Affordability Calculator will determined the share you are able to purchase, this is based on your deposit, affordability and sustainability.

Where can I find out more about part buy - part rent?

You can find out more about part buy – part rent from any of the following portals. Home Reach – Help to Buy (regional portals): North - Midlands and London - South - Share to Buy – Property Booking – hhtps:// Help to Buy – Government website –

Do I need a local connection to the area?

Not usually, there are a handful of developments which may require a local connection. This will be outlined in the individual eligibility criteria.

Am I able to use Home Reach if I'm not from the UK?

Yes, providing that you have all of the relevant approvals and documentation to obtain a visa to live in the UK. You will need to meet the eligibility criteria set by the government and pass a financial qualification.

I have reserved a plot, but it is still showing on your website

Home Reach advertises homes by house type, it could be that there are more than one house type available at that development.

What is a Financial Qualification?

A financial qualification is conducted by an Independent Mortgage Advisor to check your affordability for the Home Reach scheme. They will complete a Homes England Affordability Calculator on your behalf, this will indicate the share % you are able to afford and sustain.

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