Frequently Asked Questions

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Is my Home Reach registration my approval?

No, you will need to apply to your local Help to Buy Agent. They will issue a letter or email stating your approval, you will need to provide both this to secure your reservation.

Can I decorate?

You are able to decorate the property however you wish and don't need our permission to do so. If you wish to make any structural changes. For this you would need to apply in writing to outline the changes you would like to make. heylo will review the application and will be in touch with a decision or requesting more information. If you are given the go-ahead, you are responsible for the structural changes.

Can I see a copy of the lease?

heylo uses a Government Standard Lease, a copy of the lease can be downloaded here -

What is the minimum share I can purchase?

The minimum share available will depend on your affordability, plot and development. We suggest you speak to both the team on site for more information and an Independent Mortgage advisor to confirm your affordability.

Will I need to pay a product fee for using Home Reach?

There is no product fee to purchase a new build part buy – part rent property through Home Reach. You will be required to pay a reservation fee to secure your home. Please speak to the sales team at your development for more information on the reservation

What is the maximum share I can purchase?

The maximum initial share you can purchase is 75% , increasing the percentage until you fully own your home if you so choose. Different terms may apply if you buy a home in what is known as a Designated Protect Area (DPA).

Do I have to have a connection to the local area?

Not always. Some developments require a local connection. This will be outlined in the individual eligibility criteria.

How am I eligible?

To be eligible for Home Reach, your annual household income will be £80,000 or under and you will have passed a financial assessment demonstrating that you are financially able to purchase and support the monthly costs. For full eligibility criteria, please click here.

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