What's included in my lease?

Lease Information

Home Reach uses a government standard shared ownership lease

The lease sets out:

  • A description of the property including its boundaries and a guide to which parts are your responsibility. If a leasehold property, the lease will also contain any restrictions or obligations flowing from the superior leasehold title, such as payment of ground rent
  • The start date of the lease and the share you have purchased
  • The amount of rent that you must pay, together with other amounts due under the lease
  • The rent increase, linked to Retail Price Index plus 0.5% each year
  • Your responsibilities as a leaseholder, such as all repairs and maintenance of the property
  • heylo’s responsibilities as the landlord under the lease, such as building insurance arrangements
  • The method by which you can purchase additional shares to own more of your home in the future
  • The method by which you can move, either by selling your share or selling the whole property
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